Sunday, May 17, 2009

BRAC is coming!

Buz just last Monday night stumbled onto a talk by a representative of LiveBaltimore a nonprofit group funded partly by the city and partly by the "real estate industry" loosely. He was their representative for BRAC, and was talking up the possibilities of BRAC folks moving to Baltimore and buying in the various city neighborhoods.

Now, BRAC stands for Base Realignment And Closing Commission, a process under which military bases are eliminated, downsized, up sized, right-sized, and closed. In other words, made more efficient. So, apparently there are several closings which will affect the Baltimore areas. One is the closing of programs at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey (not too far from New York City), and relocation of them to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford County. Other programs will be relocating to Ft. Meade in Anne Arundel county. So Baltimore will be bracketed on two sides by an influx of more than 30,000 military, their dependents, defense contractors, and their dependents.

So, I asked the guy: do you think any of the BRAC folks are gonna wanta live in Baltimore, my beloved home town? He said: absolutely! He even pointed out to the various folks from northeast Baltimore, the group he was addressing, that the first house purchased by a BRAC person was in a Northeast Baltimore neighborhood. Wow! And here Buz thought that almost all of them would stay in Harford County.

No, the guy said, a lot of them want the amenities of a big city; many of them are highly educated, like sports, culture, museums, and such, and like to walk around in neighborhoods on sidewalks. So, it would be a big plus to get them to Bmore, for them and for us.

HMMMMMM. So, I thought, you know, that many of these folks might benefit from the assistance of a nice relocation consultant like myself, since it would be a wiser move to rent in a strange city first, instead of looking to buy a house. Betcha: 30-1, I can help you find a rental property  meeting your needs quicker than you can on your own.