Friday, December 18, 2009

Buz just got a report on Hopkins House!

Just spoke to one of my long-time readers of my other blog, He told me that after several years of living in crime-ridden, always-look-over-your-shoulder Charles Village, he decided to leave his greedy, inept, and deferred-maintenance landlord (like many are there), and rent in Hopkins House. (I know, that's a run-on sentence). It's right across the street from the Broadview next to Wyman Park and basically across the street from Hopkins Homewood campus.
Though I've been in there several times with clients, none have actually rented there, and I thought it was perhaps 95% students.
My informant tells me that it's only maybe 60% students, and many of those are graduate students, who have their noses in their demanding school work. He says that he got a good deal in the 2+ years he lived there with his wife and their newborn baby. He had no problems with the place, and they spent a lot of time sitting out on their balcony. Though the walls are thin, his neighbors on the 9th floor were very quiet and respectful. When he had some maintenance problems, the staff often were there in less than an hour. He said the desk and the staff can be kinda gruff, but some of these young people think they were living in a 4-star hotel, with all the entitlements due their soon-to-be rich station in life. He said he didn't really have a problem: he spoke politely, simply stated the problem, and did not demand now.
Anyway, that's good to hear. The place is certainly situated in a good location and has many stunning views from its apartments. The rent is reasonable, but parking your car in the garage is pricey: Buz would park nearby along University in Roland Park or in Wyman Park and walk, but then I'm a cheapskate. Thanks, Jaimetab, for the info on your experience, and welcome to Hampden!


ppatin said...

I used to live in Hopkins House and mostly liked the place, although I ended up moving because the apartment I was in was bigger than I needed and I realized I was spending more on rent than I wanted to. The apartments in HoHo are generally nice and reasonably priced, but my experience with the management was less than stellar. They weren't as bad as some people made them out to be, but even if you were polite and reasonable they weren't fun to deal with. For several months while I was there they were also doing very loud renovations on the balconies which meant that I couldn't use my balcony or open my windows for several months.

buzoncrime said...

thanks for the honest, balanced feedback.

Hope your new place in Fells Point is okay!