Wednesday, January 13, 2010

places near Hopkins Homewood

Buz just the other day ran into a young man who is moving to Baltimore, taking a research scientist position at Hopkins on the Homewood campus--and will be working at the Space Telescope Science Institute. We gave him some free relocation consulting advice as he searches for a place for himself, wife and one-year-old: look north and west of the campus, not south and east. Sorry, folks who live elsewhere: I wish it was different, but that's how it is.


ppatin said...


I'm going to do a bit of a shameless plug here, but if you ever have any relocation clients who're interested in sailing I'd recommend referring them to the Downtown Sailing Center. The DSC is a non-profit community sailing center that tries to make sailing accessible to the handicapped and disadvantaged, while also offering our regular members a very affordable way to get on the water without the expense or hassle of owning a boat. A skipper-level membership which offers unlimited use of the center's Sonar 23, J/22 and Impulse 21 daysailers costs under $700 for a year, and there are also family memberships available. Lessons are offered for both kids and adults.

ppatin said...

Sorry, that should've been Buz, not Buzz.

buzoncrime said...

Ok, thanks, P!
I have had a world-class woman rower from Britain, who I took to visit the Baltimore Rowing Club on the middle branch of the Patapsco.

No sailors, yet, though. But will keep it in mind.

Are you still looking for a housemate?

Shameless plugs on Buz's humble blog are encouraged!

buzoncrime said...

I didn't know you sailed!